Mekong Delta day trip from Saigon

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    Each ethnic group in Soc Trang has different ethnic specialties, but some items you should not ignore when coming here include…Vinh Long has the monsoon tropical climate. Which is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy and sunny season. Ben Tre is also home to Coconut religion, nicknamed "Coconut Land". In addition, this is a peaceful countryside shaded with green coconut. One of the most ancient and famous monuments in An Giang province. Not only is the place for archaeologists to study the Oc Eo culture, but also a tourist destination that attracts domestic and foreign visitors.Therefore, if you go at this time you will admire the fruit orchards wrong fruit, green and enjoy the sweet fruits.Referring to the Western region, people will immediately think of floating market culture, a type of community culture full of sensualityHau Giang is 240km from Ho Chi Minh City to the Southwest. Vi Thanh town is the center of Hau Giang province, 60km from Can Tho. The North borders Can Tho, the East borders Hau and Vinh Long rivers, the West borders Kien Giang and Bac Lieu provinces. Uncle Ho temple is 21 km from Long My town; 78km from Can Tho city to the Southwest.
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    Mekong Delta day tour
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